Saturday, July 5, 2014

Flying Eagle: Seven Fantasy Stories E-File

Okay, here is the same book on Smashwords. Of course it’s a E-file there. I just redid the cover, and even though I hadn’t planned it, the cover pic does apply to one story in the seven stories--plus one bonus. 

I decided it could be better to use a different cover than the one at CreateSpace. 

I had to upload the story file again and it hasn’t been vetted by a real person yet, so I don’t know if you were to buy it if you would get the new file or the one before it. The new one is in better shape and some of the stories a little bit better than the previous files. I’m not sure how long it will take to vet it. Three days or a week, but in any case it should still be okay for Smashwords. 

I really do believe there are some good stories in it, a couple are just for fun, but over all nice tales. 

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