Tuesday, August 5, 2014

About my Pages, with a couple of changes.

        I partially redid my blog. Rearranged where the page buttons are and added two pages. One is for my books--two story sets and “Above My Pay GradeX2” a full 98,000 word-or so-Urban Fantasy novel, at the moment. I will be adding links to that page, but right now the links are in my still visible blog post talking about the books. 

I also added a page titled “Rod’s tales”. I have mentioned them before in some of my updates. I have 14 to 18 stories about a young mage named Rod. My idea was to do a bunch of twitter stories, but that lasted only about three or four stories. Some of them turned out to be over four thousand words. Some, though, are around 500 words. A couple 200 to 400 words. I hope to do a couple more of those. Anyway, I plan to post the stories on my blog and when I get enough--22 to 25--to publish them in an E-book. And what I really want to do is to send them out to people via E-mail. Only problem with that is I need E-mail addresses. If anyone is interested they can send me theirs. No, not twitter, because most are way too long for that and I would have to split them up in many, many pieces.  I plan to split some of the longer ones into halves and thirds, but not into twenty + pieces.  :)   I will be putting up a new story, or section of one, twice a month and send them out on E-mail. 

I said Rod is a young mage. He has things to learn, but he is tough and knows how to fight already. So some adventures will be dangerous and deadly, while others will be light hearted and he uses smarts to get rid of gnomes and other types of creatures. 

The first three really short ones will be going up in a day or so.

And even though I haven’t added a new story to my story page I will be. Right now it will be one new story and soon a second. How often I add some is up in the air right now, but it will be more than I have in the past year. 

Finally I have a my worlds page too. I have already added some stuff about the Vibration world of NA and plan to add my steampunk Special Ops world very soon. 

I noticed that some people have already looked at the worlds page which surprised me. Only a couple of looked over the books one though. And over the last year or so almost a hundred people have looked over my story page. Could be the same few hoping I will add a new story. Well, I will.  :) 

That’s it for now so enjoy yourself and come back once a month or so. And don’t forget--if you desire the Rod tales--to send me your e-mail addresses. LDWriter2@comcast.net.  Please put Rod tales in the header. 

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