Thursday, July 3, 2014

Update on my E-Novel---Above My Pay GradeX2

Good News: the artist is working on my cover-I might make a change or two, but the test cover looked good.

So I predict that my E-novel Above My Pay GradeX2 will be out in eight to eighteen days. If there is no problems with the smashword and/or CreateSpace file. Yeah, they each have to have different formats. (Rolls eyes upward)

Speaking of that; my test books--actually story sets--are half and half trouble.  My fantasy set is a go CreateSpace--for a paper novel, yay-, and a new improved upload is being double checked on smashwords.  But my SF story set is having problems on CreateSpace. I thought I did exactly the same thing on that as I did on the fantasy set, but obviously not. I thought about leaving it, since the writing isn't as good as the fantasy set, but I need to get it right for my Novel. I have a new, improved upload of the SF set on smashwords too, that is also being checked. 

I am almost done with the Smashwords file for my novel, and then start to work on the CreateSpace file while I redo the SF file. 

Now to decide on what book to do next. I have four--actually more but the writing was done years ago, before I knew what I didn’t know. I thought about doing my space opera, but I remembered that I have two other novels that have been partially revised. Both are UFa--even though one is a bit different. Hmmm, I guess I will take a week or so to think about it. 

And I need to start Book Two to Above My Pay GradeX2. I much I work on it may depend on how I feel about which book to work on and, as I have said before, how many of this one sells. 

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