Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yet another NaNo post with teaching

I don't know how many of those who are followers or lurkers did NaNo but if you did and didn't make it 'till the end:

Even though November is over and your didn't finish, go for it, it would still be good to write 'till the end.

Some of this next is a repeat. It includes a bit of how to write well in it:

I'm working on a couple of epilogues for my novel. I wanted to make sure I finished so I sent it in to be counted before I did those.  I figure they--yes more than one--will add to the word count but probably only 4,000 to 8,000 words. And I will add a few more when I revise it. I added one or two things toward the end that I need to go back and suggest earlier.--it is not nice to surprise you're readers with an ongoing problem or ability that comes out of no where. Sometimes it seems to work but it's still not a good thing to do.  And it didn't hit me 'till almost the end but my MC needed to change some how or another--another thing editors expect and I've been told readers also expect. It can by large or small. At least in short stories I assume it's the same in novels. So my MC did go through a ty[e of change--shocked him to when he realized how much he had to the dark side he had slipped.  It's not Star Wars I'm talking the dark side of human nature. And now I have to go back and show what led up to that change. I included a couple of hints without realizing it but I need to go into a bit more detail. 

As I said this one I want to try to get published the regular way. After I revise it--which I want to do this month maybe next too since I have other writing things to do--I will need someone to check for nitpicks. As I've said on other projects I've decided that the writing will take care of itself or not, I could spend months on trying to get it just right. 

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