Sunday, December 23, 2012

PS update Dec 22

I finished the story for contest 19   More here  on that contest.

It's over 1,000 words but I want to go back over it. I added some at the end to have the MC change and I want to make sure it fits and some of it seems too long to me so I might try cutting some of it. I have a month to get it ready.

The Online workshop is going good. I'm going to miss it when it is over. The third week we had to do an outline. I hate them. But Dean had instructions on how to do one. It wasn't the A;a,b,c B; a,b, C; a,b,c,d, type so it wasn't as hard as I expected. He showed us a pic he wanted the outline from. We didn't have to do the book just come up with an idea, character, setting, problems. We shall see how well I did.

I expect to be receiving a bunch of rejections in the next few weeks. I've sent out ten plus stories in the last couple of weeks. A Great Christmas present would be a sell, at least one.

If you read this one make sure you go back and read the Why Christmas? note under this one if you haven't, even if it's way after Dec 25.

Now is the time to decide which story to do for Q2 of WotF.

The one I started and am about half way through even though I'm tempted to start it over again as I said before, or the one I just have an opening for and a vague idea of what it is about.

One is SF and the other probably is but not for sure, UF and/or paranormal.

Unless I decided to send in a pure fantasy story I am revising that is. I might be able to put in some more emotional angst and one or two more tries even though there might be enough of those. The only humans are in the background. It's longer than I set out to do--about 7,500 words--so it could work. Of course shorter stories can work too but this one seems about right.

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