Sunday, December 23, 2012

WHY CHRISTMAS--why celebrate it?

            I’m late with this message but it’s still not Christmas yet, First let me say that it looks like I won’t be getting my PC Christmas story up this year. Kinda late to say It’s okay to say Merry Christmas and any store that doesn’t is biting the hand that feeds them because it’s Christmas that brings in so much money. The few people who read this may have red it last year. In either case:

      But the real message is about Jesus being born. God’s love was shown that day even if it wasn’t DEC 25. Jesus the Creator took a turn as a human being for two reasons. One was to be the second Adam and to do what the first one didn’t do--obey God, live a perfect life. The second reason was to later die in our places. Our sins can now be totally forgiven, not just covered but completely done away with. We can have a full relationship with God our Creator. With all the Joy-Unspeakable, Peace-Inner, and Love-unrestricted...not to mention hope and justice, that brings.

    My pastor spoke on Christmas today speaking of the need for us to be Seekers---The Bible says if we seek him with all our being He will let us find Him. In some of the books I read and mention on my blog there are seekers after other types of spiritual beings or themselves or power but in the Real Life, Actual World, we seek God. The power to live a good life comes from Him. Even though finding ourselves isn’t necessarily bad, He can help us with that too. My Pastor--Bill Chaney--mentioned how those in the US are Seekers-looking for something good. I add that yes many are but they are looking for the exotic and skip over that which has been around-staring them in the face-for a long time. In fact I think that is why some skip over Jesus because He is something they are too used to and my consider too simple. But the hard part has been done already. It is simple because it has to be.  

   The second thing My Pastor said was that we shouldn’t leave any gifts from God unopened. It’s His birthday we celebrate but Jesus gives us presents. Salvation being the best and biggest. Saved from judgement and hell but that includes wrong choices in our life and who we have become because of bad circumstances in our life. 

That is all for now even though a lot more could be said but this is why we celebrate Christmas, why it is so important. 

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