Sunday, December 16, 2012

My reading Dec

I'm reading a short story collection--a UF anthology edited by P.N. Elrod Titled "Hex Appeal".

It has all of the favorite UF writers including the start of a new series by Jim Butcher. I say new series but I'm not sure if it will be books or short stories. Hope it has another noir style story with a certain vampire bar owner. 

I also bought John Joseph Adam's rather large Epic Fantasy anthology, I won't get to it for a while but it's waiting for me.wotf008

I came back to add that my muse perked up her head at the cover, A lady, probably of the evening, wearing a low-cut minidress is standing on a street corner while leaning against a building. To me--I'm sure some will disagree--her face shows she doesn't belong there. Not you usual hooker. So my muse told me a story, most of it anyway. She is a police officer undercover but it's not a police story it's a relationship story between a husband and wife. A rather short story--right now anyway--with a vampire and magic.

Here's a link to the cover

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