Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Blue Of Home"....Nice placing

Not a huge or even big win but I'll take it.   :)

To misquote a movie line straight to the sun and the right,  No, no, I mean all the way down to the bottom.  Won't take no time at all to read all six.

Blue Home

I can see why the first place got First but not the third place seems on the same level as the three HMs. Oh well, I'm not the editor and/or judge.

And I'm working on a story for their regular contest--about half way through the first revision. It's about Time.  Deadline 28th of this month. 

Not sure what to do with it now.

Eventually I'll place it on my web site.
Actually, I have a longer version in mind...200 some words. I know a couple markets who want less than 500 words but I'm not sure if it would be considered the same story though.

When I can, I think I will add those 200 words to Blue Home and send it to EscapePod, they still want flash even though their new guidelines does not have a minimum, with a notation that a shorter version was published.

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