Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update Sept 9

First an update on what I wanted to do last weekend. Got my Q4 story sent to some critters--got two back already--but only managed to get two to three hand written stories typed to the computer. I played around too much. I have finished that third story.

Was ready to send out my next story to F&SF but I blew it. No brown envelopes...I knew that and just plain forgot to get more. Which reminds me I forget again today but I have time to get some during the week.

That means I skipped two weeks. I had a run of ten to twelve weeks in a row. Oh, Well, this story needed further work anyway so a delay of one week was good.

Started two stories at work. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted a SF or Fantasy next so I started one of each. The Fantasy is a bit different, the MC is a leprechaun and he is dealing with gnomes. What gnomes again!!???  Well, hmmm yes. That one music video I've seen three or four times at the gym must have imprinted on me----more than likely it's my wife's gnomes. She sells them. Tried to find a pic on her Esty site but she doesn't have any up at the moment. Anyway,  I think I could make the fantasy into a novel but when would I work on it. I'm already seriously working on two and sort of, kinda of working on two more plus a number of stories.

Found a couple more mini stories on paper I need to type up some time.

Rats, I know there were two other things I wanted to say but can't think of them right now.

I have reached 110 stories in this Group. The ones I'm sending out trying to get published. Some are general fiction, two are westerns--there's a third one I need to revise. If I can do two more I could sell all five in a set online. I do have an idea for a second tale with my first one and I could come up with one for the second....hmmm come to think of it I might be able to come up with a second one with that third story. When though.  :)

That wasn't what I wanted to say so more than likely there will be a PS.

Not that PS but as I posted this post I saw I had four readers already for the previous post on "Blue Home". Wow, that was in 23 minutes. Some of my posts don't have four readers in four days.

Speaking of that I'm praying for four more followers. Oh, I prayed for the HM on that if God would bless me with at least a Finalist with my current story at WotF.

Added PS to this one too.
When I can, I think I will add 200 or so words to Blue Home and send it to EscapePod, they still want flash even though their new guidelines does not have a minimum, with a notation that a shorter version was published.

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