Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another quarter for WotF

I submitted a new story for the Fourth quarter of Writer's of the Future.

For those of you who may not know what that is, it's a contest, four times a year, been going nigh onto 28 years.
Yes, their quarters are not the same as everyone else's :)

More info here:

A week or more ago I started feeling not so sure about this story. A couple of days ago I realized why I was unsure of this story all of a sudden. 

I've never done so much reconstructing on a story before. It's an older one that I decided to resubmit since they allow you to do that.  I set out for a trim and ended up with a complete shampoo-color, conditioning, cut and styling with hair extensions. 

I'm afraid I created a Frankenstein monster even though in this case I haven't added any bits from other stories so it's more like a clay figure. I cut some off, added bits of new clay, scrapped more off, reformed some parts, added more clay, moved parts around. So I end up with something with three shades of clay and even though certain parts look more like they are suppose to I'm not really sure about how it fits together or the whole effect. 

The forehead and horn of the unicorn--there's no unicorn in my story--look great, maybe even award winning but the flank and the tail, well I tried. You know what it's suppose to be but beyond that I can't say. 

But on the good side, with the final go over I found few nitpicks, which may not mean much, and it seems to be mostly seamless, now. I found a couple of places that were not seamless but I fixed those. 

But it is still my writing when all is said and done.

I changed the title when I decided to make it a whole new story.

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