Sunday, July 22, 2012

My reading July 22

I read "Singularity" by Ian Douglas. The last book in a trilogy.

If anyone has noticed my comments it's the book I said was both hard SF and Space Opera. I think Ian fuses them in an entertaining way. He is great at action scenes, emotional turmoil and setting events up. But one thing though he tends to repeat things more than necessary. If it's been a while since he described how a law of physics effects a ship under a certain condition maybe he could give a short reminded but he goes back and restates the whole reasoning. I wanted to shout I know that already after the third time. 

But that is my only main problem with his writing. There are a couple of points in the story I wasn't too thrilled with but most readers may not care. The futuristic world he developed is pretty much a liberal's dream for society when it comes to sexual morals, marriage, health care, and one or two smaller expects but not in war...but it's possible society could develop along these lines the way things are going at the moment. Which doesn't mean I expect it to. 

Anyway, good reading and and exciting adventure.

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