Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Dream July21

I haven't put up many of my dreams--sleeping dreaming that is--usually I can't recall enough to put up but heres one I do:

All the strange happenings with the WotF contest and my writing time being hijacked--take too long to explain right now--got my subconscious in an uproar. Had at least two dreams that could be on the strange side. One was a fusion of the old “Above and Beyond” TV show with “Starship Troopers” movie. 
I seemed to be part of the A&B group even though it was larger than in the TV show.
We watched ranks and ranks of Bugs flying by in formation in the sky above some planet. The war was over so no fighting. We just watched the Bugs march by. I may have been one of the A&B group watching them all. Suddenly two ranks of Bugs went to pieces. Like in disintegrate. A sergeant ordered everyone to put away their grenades the war was over. The Bugs ignored the destruction of their fellows. Time went by and I saw the ships they came in. Really big flat starships, as the “camera” panned around. I thought one could be like an aircraft carrier but it would at least ten of them together.  The group I was in took off in a ship with a large lounge control room. Someone who had been on the team appeared. I think someone asked her about her pregnancy or she brought it up. She wasn’t pregnant anymore, the baby disappeared, no one knew how but suspicions were on the Bugs somehow doing it when she was blacked out. Another of the group knew someone who else had the something happen. Members of the team started to speculate that we may not be disbanding after all and that we would have a new assignment. Find the missing babies.  

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