Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9 update and Cat.

First of all we got our cat back. Someone had been looking after her for two of the many weeks she was gone and must have taken her to a certain cat hospital. I don't know the full story but she's back. Praise God and Thank Him too.  :)

I sent five chapters of Two Struggles to four readers. That feels good. now to run the other six chapters through spell checker and proofreader.

I sent out 12 stories. Was 13 but got one back from Lightspeed already. Not surprising. I keep thinking I will refrain from sending JJA anymore stories until I get another sell but the way things are going that could a looong time. I had a to resend one story because that market wants stories of 3,500 or less words. The one I sent was 3,800 and some. Oops. But I found another one that fits what they want for this month. Ran it through the proofreader. That makes the writing a touch better, but with my writing a touch doesn't do much.

Haven't worked on my work novels, actually I haven't worked on anything new for a while I need to do something new. But it's been too hot to take my laptop to work.

Yes, no more vacation for a year. I was able to finish the revising of Two Struggles but only did one chapter and a part of Two of my space opera. I was hoping to get half of it revised. I sent out a couple of stories...critted four stories for Wanted 14 but I can still do one more this week--if I remember maybe two. Revised a couple of stories too. One is my Q4 WotF story but evidently it still has a lot of nitpicks I just can't find them.

They have started sending out Rejects for Q2 so far nothing for me but we shall see later and tomorrow. I say started evidently it's a tidal wave more than they have sent out at once before it sounds like. But with the delay caused by Wentworth's death they are late and are still catching up.

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