Monday, July 2, 2012

Another June 26 PS

 Turns out I did think of something to add, 2 somethings I forgot and something I found I needed to add to. Two conversations between the MC and her best friend I forgot. One was to show that the best friend isn't prefect, I'm afraid I made her a little too good. While I was searching for a place to add them I found something else I had forgotten.  So total words are closer to 84,000 maybe a tad over now.

I am about to start revising this year's NaNo move. For those who don't know NaNoWriMo is a Novel writing group. November is Novel writing month and they want everyone to write a 50,000-at least-word novel in that month. I have done three.  For more info go here.

Anyway, the Novel is space opera and I need to get to it.

But I want to add that I did a bit of work on one of my WIP novels and wrote a letter to the editor and addressed it this morning. If they print it I will put in a link if they don't I will post the whole letter. It's not easy getting it all said in 200 words but I did today...well most of what I wanted said.

I also need to crit one story for today. That would be four so far. Not as many as I wanted to do but better than usual. And I still have six days.

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