Sunday, September 22, 2013

World Affairs Venting

Just want to do a little venting here: I apologize for this has nothing to do with writing, music or anything else I usually post about.  But the first part of this has been on my mind for months. 

This was brought by the attack on the Mall in Kenya. But I’ve felt the same way the various Idiots who have attacked schools, Navy bases, movie theaters etc. here. They are a bunch of idiots whose names should be changed to Mr. Zero. I really don’t care why they became idiots even though if we could keep a better eye on some of them in the US we might be able to stop them. Not all because not all of the attacks were done by people with mental problems. But we could better than taking away guns from honest citizens. Some of those guys had bombs and there have been those who used knives. 

Anyway back to the Kenya idiots: they seem to think they are special killing innocent people for a cause but those types of bad guys(Swine? Dogs?) have been around since Adam and Eve’s children. This group is just another in a long line of such types who rationalize killing innocents in the name of religion, politics, or just because. There’s nothing special about this new group--just a bunch of people who wanted an excuse to kill. Nothing more. 

The Overly extreme Islamists--please notice I said “Overly extreme” not all--seem to be worse than usual but they are doing the same thing Communists, Nazis, other religions, IRA and many other groups throughout history. Again I say just a bunch of people who rationalize killing innocents. Nothing More. They allowed themselves to be blinded into becoming Idiots, dogs and swine. Part of me kinda of feels sorry for them because in most cases they have been lied to in one form or another. That goes double for all of the Overly extreme Islamists. But it is still their choice to believe the lie and it’s their choice to go as far over the cliff as they have. 

As long as the choice to do things like this they will be Idiots, Dogs and Swine. Not deserving of respect or rewards. To kill unarmed innocent people does not make them heroes or worthy of honor...they dishonor their religion.  No wonder they need to force people to follow their teachings--remember I am still talking about Overly extreme Islamists not every Muslim. 

So that’s it I finally said a couple of things I’ve wanted to say for months. 

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