Monday, September 16, 2013

Indie-Writing update Sept 15 PS

I do have a PS already completely forget this. 

There is one type of story I have been wanting to write. An epic fantasy as in Lord of the Rings. I’ve had one idea floating around in my head for a couple of years involving dragons waking up and the MC having to learn how to control them or beat them but I don’t know it doesn’t seem to be right even though I have the opening scene in my head.

However something reminded me of a story I started probably at least ten years ago. I would have to start over since it is on a Floppy disk--an original one. For those who don’t know the original home computers had what was known as a floppy disk. A disk about five to seven inches wide(I forget for sure), very thin and it flopped around if you held an edge. Soon after they shrunk them to about two to three inches wide and placed them in plastic holders. Google them and the punch cards-yes you punched holes in them-and reel to reel tapes they used before that. 

Anyway, No way for me to excess the floppy now. Well, maybe of I looked hard enough someone could get to the data on it but it’s not worth the hassle. I’ve learned so much that I need to rewrite everything anyway and I recall some of the scenes. Back then I didn’t know there were rules or guidelines or how to write models. I just wrote what I wanted. 

I think this story will be a novella or novelette depending on length. It will be way over 10,000 but could very well be significantly over 20,000 especially when I add things like the five human senses and more detail. Not sure when I will but it is an epic fantasy and I will enjoy doing it whenever that time is.

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