Sunday, August 4, 2013

Indie Update and did it THREE

Right now my novel is in limbo or circling some planet somewhere waiting for clearance to land.

I contacted two sites that can copy edit. Both wanted the first ten pages to see how much they would charge for the whole thing. I sent the pages to both but didn't hear from the first site. It turns out that I must have slipped up with them and not attached the pages. I had everything set up to do that but somehow didn't. So I need to resend them or send them for the first time as the case might be.

The first site--Lucky  Bat--also does covers as I think I have mentioned already. But I still asked someone else and I'm not sure if I received a response from her.  I need to double check on that to make sure.

Once I know how much I need for both I will look into doing a kickstarter event. Looks like I will need a least a thousand dollars perhaps more depending on which copyeditor I decide on. I've looked it over a couple of times, and I think I have it figured it out but I would need to make a video-Yikes!

Now to my story set. My story set of SF stories is now available at Barnes and Noble. Last time I checked not at Amazon. I didn't check at the other sellers listed at Smashwords.  I have thought about doing a POD even though five stories seems too short. I checked at Createspace and found some that were seven stories long maybe one at six stories. My total word count comes very close to the word count of some of the shorter story sets there. So that is still up in the air. I'm not sure how well the shorter sets sell like that so I don't know if it would be worth it the effort.
I had thought about E-publishing the Marriage set of stories but I decided to see if I can do a cover with hearts and wedding rings. And I still need a cover for the fantasy set. That leaves one more set of stories I could e-publish. I probably will do them next weekend. They are a set of quirky or odd SF tales so I can use the same cover just change the title some.

But I have a contest to get a story ready for and another story to get ready for a themed magazine. Both stories need to be sent out before the end of the month and the contest one is looong. It will take a while to go over--I have two crits to read over for that story. That will take a while most probably since I have been told I have POV problems, not to mention I need to figure out how to suggest the speculative element in the first 13 lines. For this story that is not as easy as it sounds.

So more work on all of my projects and we shall see how it goes. Still no sells on the one story set, I don't expect a lot but a couple would be nice.

Until next time.

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