Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dave Farland's son charity and contest

Didn't plan to post another post so soon but here:

Check It Out

For those who aren't on hatrack or the WotF forum the executive editor (Or what his title might be, for some strange reason I keep forgetting) David Farland's son was in a Bad accident a while back. No insurance so various people and groups are working on raising money for him. This is one way and it's a good way.

A writing contest. Fee isn't that much and the Farlands get half. It's one of the very few pay contests I will enter.

But if you want to try hurry deadline's the Sept 9.

Among other types of story telling, Urban fantasy is good.

A PS You can enter more than once if I understand the rules correctly. I think I can enter three to five stories.

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