Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WotF update


As in total rejection. They changed the E-mail and I think its colder sounding. Joni said that they are trying to speed things up so that we will feel like entering the next quarter sooner.  Not working and most probably won't.

This one hit me a bit harder, probably partly because I was just starting to feel like they were taking longer and I might get another HM but of course not. It's my writing even with the help I received.

I know better than to feel that way but I can't help it when a market takes a while and especially when it looks like they are taking longer.  Like Fantastic Stories Anthology by Warren Lapine. He is taking his time but it's probably because he is busy or waiting for enough manuscripts to come in to have a reading party.

I haven't said it for a while but I've forgotten how to write. One short surge a few years ago and nothing since. And obviously I'm not relearning whatever I forgot.

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