Friday, November 25, 2011

Kinda of update

Okay, got a rejection finally from Fantastic Stories. An anthology by Warren Lapine. I forget if I have mentioned sending in the story to him but I got the rejection today.

He- or more likely his secretary- spelled my first name wrong. And even though he has a check list like  Dean Wesley Smith with the SNW contest the only thing marked was "not for us" It has seventeen boxes, the very last item on the list would have been a good thing to know if you're going to get a rejection. "Close, very close"  but the second to the last would not be good to see check; "What were you thinking?"

I've have been working on only one short story this month and today since I have it off, I thought I might type out a couple of the stories that I hand wrote out but even though I gathered all my pieces of paper, I don't have time to do any. I'm too far behind on NaNo novel. Some of the stories are only a few hundred words long but still too far behind even for that.

But I need to print out three stories and mail them Saturday.

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