Saturday, June 3, 2017

Father's Day sale on a great fun read

A new announcement

My Steampunk special Ops combo is on sale for Father's Day. Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior:
An exciting tale of a young officer in charge of a special unit dedicated to keeping his country free. If your dad, or anyone else, likes action packed war books and E-books this is for them. $1.99 for the E-book and if they like a solid book- $11.99 for the paper version, but order it now. The E-book sale price will be that low until Father's Day, in case you need something last minute.

Review by follow writer Christian Freed:
"While I don't profess to any knowledge of the steam punk genre I immediately felt comfortable after only a few pages of jumping into Louis Doggett's Tommy Tuckerknocker. Being a former soldier myself, I easily followed the flow and pacing of the story as Tommy took his team through a series of life and death situations that were not only action packed, but realistic in terms of how they play out. This book was not only enjoyable, but easily read. I found myself at the end much faster than I was prepared for. Kudos to Mr. Doggett for writing an enjoyable tale."

It can be found at iTunes and Kobo as well as At…

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