Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Birthday sale on all of my E-books

I am having a Birthday sale this week and next on all three of my E-books. There are paper versions available but sadly to say they are not on sale. Great for summer reading and beyond. Good tales with action packed writing My Tommmy Tuckernocker book is included in this one since all of my books are on sale for my birthday coming up.

Two books about a young woman with a unique ability These are Urban Fantasy along the lines of Laura Anne Gilman, Jim Butcher, Benedict Jacka and C. E. Murphy.
NA wants to help people even as she deals with her own emotional issues and baggage. All of this while she is trying to pay her bills and play her drums. In these two adventures she ends up over her head while she tries to find answers to why bad things are happening and people are in danger. There are mythical beasts: griffins, unicorn, trolls, fairies, human attackers, and other dangers all in modern day Boulder. E-book $2.99

One action packed book about a young man in charge of a special military unit set in a steampunk world:
Tommy Tuckernocker is a young man in charge of a special unit charged with protecting his country from those who would take it over in war. Even as he learns how to lead men and women, and while he deals with his growing doubts.
E-book $1.99

There are available on all major E-books sites such as iTunes and Kobo but here are the links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.…

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