Sunday, October 23, 2016

A new podcast dealing with why Salvation through Jesus

This new podcast is from my pastor Bill Cheney. In it he discusses the reasons we need Jesus and he  shows Christians how to tell others about Jesus and the Hope that brings. Jesus is healing, hope, joy, peace and more importantly salvation or being right with God the Creator, He is not bad or just one of many. He is unique. This is a relationship with God the Creator not rituals or religious observances. He did the hard part. So anyone, no matter what  you have done, how many times you have done it or what was done to you, can know God, can know His love.

This podcast has good stuff, done with humor, logic and good explanations

In one spot toward the end a women comes out onto the platform wearing a long white smock over her clothes. It's strained all over with what looks like grey paint. Bill leads her over to a man height cross in one corner. As he explains what is happening he takes off the smock, nails it to the cross, then places a purple robe with gold trim around her shoulders. All to show what Jesus did for us, including the fact that someone did it for her, she didn't have to do anything except allow it.

If you are a Christian the final bit with the envelope is a good, simple way to show the Good News of Jesus.


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