Sunday, October 9, 2016

A four part series taught at my Church on "Science, The Stars and The son of God"

This is a four part series of podcasts recorded at my church- Valley Christian Center by one of our pastors, a Rene M. Charest
They were designed to help christians have the confidence to share Jesus in this modern world.
“To equip Christians with confidence to regain their voice in presenting the Good News to a lost world”

“To show the connection of man’s increasing knowledge of the natural world with the Word of God to reveal the unmistakable conclusion that everything from the Magnificently Large to the Infinitesimally Small points toward a God of Purpose and a Plan of redemption”

Pastor Rene uses humor, transparency, logic and facts to get his points across.

The first message subtitled "How Science Points Toward God" started with a mini video. The video showed various pics of scientific discoveries-including a launch of a shuttle-intermixed with a young man building a violin from scratch. Among other things a voice over explained how knowing how God created everything did not distract from Him doing it. The violin maker was a great illustration of that. You can study how each part worked and the process it took to make each part but yet still be amazed at watching a master craftsman put one together and than listening to how the various parts worked together.

The second message has a unique and light hearted yet serious method of explaining the difference of Astrology and Astronomy.

The third message was good 
as was the personal tale he begins number four with isn’t just humorous but it has an important point.

Number one

Number two 

Number three 

Number four

They are all worth listening to and the last one can give you ideas of how to tell others the Good News of Jesus or if you don't know Jesus, it gives you ideas of why you should get to know Jesus and to be saved. Good Stuff in either case

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