Saturday, July 16, 2016

For a break, a short, interesting mind picture

I was just discussing the Creation with someone about the need for light and heat before the sun etc. were made. 

An interesting mind picture formed as I finished my comments:

 God stood there, he wore a short white beard, large mustache that dropped over his upper lip. A half smile on his mouth. A railroad cap sat on his head and a delightful intense look in his eyes. He wore coveralls, like wood curves or mechanics wear sometimes. One hand was stretched out with the solar system, at least ours but maybe more, in the cup of that hand. Planets spun, and I could make out tiny blue and red planets and one covered with clouds. The planets spun around their sun(s). Blackness surrounded Him, but His spot could be clearly seen. 
  Spotlights shot out from his eyes lighting up the planets. His hand under the planets glowed with warmth. In his other hand he held a pair of tweezers much like those used by model ship makers. He inserted the point of the tweezers into the system to make last minute adjustments. His smile grew. 

More than likely that wasn't even close to what happened during creation except in the basic idea but still fun to think of. 

That's it for this post-said it was short. :) 


  1. Thank you. I could make it a bit longer but not sure that it really needs anything else. :)


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