Sunday, July 31, 2016

A favor for a friend-a great Devotional book for everyone.

Something different from me today. Something I have meant to do for a few months but today I did it.

I want to share two books with you-both are devotionals which is what is different about this. Both were written by the same man, Larry Briney, who just today, July 31, celebrated 60 years as a Foursquare minister.

During one segment of those 60 years he worked for Valley Christian Center where he wrote a column for the bulletin for over 20 years. Both of these books are made up of many those messages. I read them for many of those years and I always looked forward to what Larry had to say. He's great, has good insight, good sense of humor, great illustrations.

In each of these two books are enough messages for every day of the year. They are worth the price and make good gifts.

Check them out at the link below and while you are there heck out his blog. He has some messages on it too. Great stuff there.

Right here 


  1. How precious you are! Wished I could be more supportive. While my novel "WHEN UGLY WAS IN" involves mainstreamed organizations of hope-is that it is not an indictment of all. This is pure fiction. I am a Believer with an open heart and mind. rebecca

  2. Thanks.

    I have been meaning to do that for quite a few months,

    but you say your book is fiction? I think I have seen the title around.


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