Sunday, May 15, 2016

Update-chapter three edits of Learning CurveX

I finished correcting the edits of chapter three. That didn't take half as long as chapter two, which was good. That battle I referenced last time takes up a good bit of three.

Sometimes I shake my head at what I have to correct. Some I may not know or wasn't sure about: as in who and whom. But must and most-I know the difference but still type in the wrong word at times then don't see when I do a revision.

Or like knifes and knives Or rehabilitate and rehabilitation. There's a better example but I can't find it right now.

My editor also tells me when I should use "However" instead of "but" and when not to use a comma. Or when NA should get snarky.

So here is a very short excerpt from the end of the fight:

-Footsteps came up fast. I spun and punched the incoming guy in the face. I had augmented my arm so he went flying backwards to land on the sidewalk in a lump. I may have broken something in his cheek. I didn’t care. I ran—limped over and grabbed the knife that fell from his hands. It gleamed on its own, and tingled when I picked it up. After I looked it over, I searched all of the other men. None were in any condition to stop me. I found three more special knives. They were new, with barely enough V-nergy hooked onto them so they could defeat low powered V-nergy constructs. If I had known their limits, I could have beaten them. However during the fight I hadn’t thought about testing them. I was too busy thinking on other things like being kicked, and not getting cut.
I looked for the leader. He had taken off running toward the street. I threw another bolo and he fell again. Boy, he was going to have a lot of bruises in the morning. I ran to him, again with a limp even though I did better. In the time it took me to get to him, he had tried to cut off the tangled construct around his feet. I had made sure they were extra strings on that bolo though. I kicked his knife hand. The guy tried to grab for my legs, but puppy was there with a loud growl. He pulled his hand back. Puppy guarded him as I searched him. He tried to cast a spell-yes there is a difference-on me, but this time I was ready. With a wave of my hand the spell went wide and hit something on the sidewalk—maybe the mailbox. I finished the search. I took his wallet and took out a hundred dollar bill. He cursed me again.
“Hey, scumbag, you need to pay for my ripped clothes and for my late dinner.” With that last thought I took a five, ten and a twenty too.
“One more lesson. I doubt if you will heed it, but if you do there is a city rehabilitation center around here some place, plus a rescue mission. Take your choice. If you choose neither, something worse will happen to you.”
I stared at him until he quit his obscenities, then I pushed my will into him. -

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