Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Rod Tale, My stories and a very mini update

For those who like Urban Fantasy and for those who have read the previous ones, I have finally posted a new Rod tale--well, half of it. The whole thing is over 1600 words and I split it around 840.

The MC is a young man who can manipulate Mana-a natural energy produced by the very smallest of the building block of matter--it's much like the Vibration energy used by NA in my E-novel. Rod has a lot to learn even though he is talented, caring, intelligent. He has various friends and enemies, some of which haven't been introduced yet. He has fought and sometime outthought, a dragon and gnomes and Dark mages and he will do so more as I post more tales. Some fights are very dangerous, like this one, while others are a almost comical nascence.

There are now 8 and a half stories of various lengths. This one is the longest so far. Some adventures in the future will be even longer.

While I was at it I also posted a flash story, twitter tales and a couple of mini stories on my story page. They are fantasy, science fiction and general fiction.

I have been busy with various not so bad but busy things in real life, writing and being frustrated with the WotF contest I have mentioned before, and I am getting a steampunk novel ready for Indie publishing which will be soon. It might be titled, "Shadow Defender" Or maybe something like "Night Shift".  Anyway, hopefully it will be up at the end of Feb. And along with another Science Fiction set. I was hoping to do one with stories on Star Freighters but I have only three, I want at least  five. Well, there are two more I could use, but I want to try sending them out some more.

For once I have the next quarter's story finished for WotF and just started to revise it for the end of March. I plan to take another of Dean Wesley Smith's online workshops next month. More novel sells would help that.

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