Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas sale price on my Novel and story sets.

A Christmas sale on my e-book “Above My Pay GradeX2”.

For those who do not know the novel is Urban Fantasy-The adventures of NA; a young woman, who is one of a small number of individuals with the ability to manipulate what might be the very smallest building block of all matter-vibrations. Even though weighed down with many emotional issues she has a desire to help, that gets her into many dangerous adventures and into a search to find out who is making Mages and Users sick, and why. Finding the answer puts her in a fight way beyond her pay grade.

This is a two part sale. I’m not sure if the second part will work right the way I am doing it, but it seems to the best way to do my idea. I will see how many people try it. It might not be that many-but the more the merrier. 

The first part for everyone: The E-book is $3.99 from now to Dec 26. My story sets have been discounted too. 

Here are its links for Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. 

It is also on iTunes, Kobo, Overdrive, Flipkart and other sites. 

The sale price is effective right now on smashwords, but may take a day or three to show up on the other sites. And Do Not Forget that smashwords has a “give as gift” button. Books-even e-novels-do make good gifts. This is truer now that a lot of people will be receiving tablets and e-readers for Christmas. 

The second part of the sale is: if you send me a copy of the receipt-with any card numbers blocked out-I will send you a coupon code to get a free copy of either my Science Fiction set-five stories, or my Fantasy set-seven stories. Good only on You can, however, buy the novel anywhere. That includes if you buy the paper version of my book. It does not have a sale price even though both Barnes and Noble and Amazon discounts it. I already have it about as low they will allow me to sale it on B&N-or so I am told. 

Send the copy of your receipt to

Here are links to the paper version:

Paper createspace

E-book is now on Kindle Hopeffully it will reflect the sale price soon. 

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