Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cyber Monday sale and last update to my '14 NaNoWriMo novel.

First of all:

For those who may read this before Monday I decided to go ahead and make my Black Friday sale price of 1.99 for “Above My Pay GradeX2”, a story with lots of adventure, danger, and real inner emotional fights, last through Cyber Monday.  It is the day you are suppose to buy online after all. Doesn’t have to be Indie Published, but that part would be good too. A lot of indies out there who do good writing. I hope mine is but so far only one person has said it is. Some do not like Indie published because you never know what you get-that includes editing-but as I said some Indie writers are very good and do better jobs on the editing process. Again I hope mine is one of the better ones but again no one has said.  I may well be listing some of the better ones later on. 

Second of all:

For those who may have read my Black Friday and NaNo update (150 did). 

Done,  and all those other words in Spanish, French, etc, that mean the same. 
55,700 and some words. With "the end" being the last two words.
My MC took a shower-the hard way-then a mud bath and almost got crushed by more of her emotional baggage, finally beat the bad guy with a lightning storm he created, made friends with a unicorn, then limped back to her friends--Yeah limped well, you aren't suppose to be too easy on your MCs. 
And many things also happened that were not included in my posts or even hinted at.   :)
Now to get it ready for e-publishing which includes adding scenes, editing and getting it into the right format. I am not sure when it will be Indie Published. I will let it sit for a month at least-could be two monthsPlus-before I start the revising process, then finding someone to help me edit it to get all those pesky nitpicks I leave in and commas I leave out. So at the very last three months, but more likely six Plus. I have seven of eight scenes to put in, three or four will be rather short. A new character, expand the final battle since I was a bit skimpy with it--yes just a bit. And do better on a couple of set ups for later use. So I estimate another twenty thousand words give or take. Which would be up to 75,000 words. Since the first book is around 94 to 95 thousand this might be a bit short but that would be okay since it is still a good story with lots of danger and adventure and little rest for my MC NA. 

And now back to my India published novel:
Here’s the blurb on smashwords

Hi, my name is NA, I found myself in the middle of a situation worse than anything I have been involved in before. I was born with a special ability, but in this case will it be enough save my friends---and me?

There is a flu going around making Users and Mages sick, and killing some. It is NA’s job—she has the special geas to prove it—to find the cause and to stop it, before something terrible happens.

She just has to get around her emotional baggage, a grizzly, a griffin, ghosts, an AI Trick, and an angry abuser who wants revenge on NA. At the same time, she has to figure out what a friend is.

She is out of her pay grade, has no plan to find, or defeat the cause, and is caught in a wave of anger at her friends. Yet, somehow she is the only one who can stop this flu.

The geas and the Power behind it, must have made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person. However, since she has it, it’s her job to stop a horrible event from happening. To make it worse she has a deadline: one she doesn’t know even exists. A large job for a Freak with a lot of emotional baggage, and doubts.

And I checked the sale price of 1.99 is on Barnes and Noble too and probably other locations. Read the one review at B& N and Amazon were you can buy the paper version. Other readers will like it also.     At Barnes and Noble

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