Sunday, April 3, 2016

Getting closer to Learning CurveX2 Vibration World Two

Not sure if I have mentioned this here recently but I am doing a second book to Above My Pay GradeX2  Now most of those who would see this probably haven't read Above but Learning CurveX2 is close to being out.

Coming in two to four months.
The spell check is done-with a bit of a grammar check, the cover has been chosen, hopefully the blurb is done. 

If the blurb is ready to go, I will have the cover artist place it on the cover with the title and I can start using it.

Now I am waiting for the person who said they would edit it for me to contact me. I sent her an E-mail. She had been having computer problems a few weeks ago but it sounded like those may have been fixed. But if not or if something else happened this may take awhile.

Oh, this time around I may pay someone to do the E-book formatting. See if I can get a discount if they do three books. Two earlier ones are having problems.

 For those who don't know Above My Pay GradeX2 is an exciting Urban fantasy book with griffin, ghosts, murderers, an angry mage bent on revenge and more. A fun read for readers and an action packed adventure for the main character NA and her friends. 

A short word about the name of the series "Vibration World":
 Tiny vibrations make up the very smallest building blocks of all matter according to the String Theory. Mages are people who, at various levels of ability, can manipulate these vibrations. NA is one of them. 

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  1. I add that my novel is now in the hands of the editor.


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