Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hey, My own Black Friday sale on all of my E-books

Again this year I decided to have my own Black Friday sale--all week until Sunday the 29th.

I have adventure, action, and a fun read for readers.

This year that sale includes my story sets. One five story Science Fiction set and one seven tale Fantasy set. I am sorry to say that each set is not up at Amazon but they are at the other two locations I list.

But I have my two novels at each of the three and other places like iTunes and Kobo.

Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior An action packed adventure set on alternate world with steampunk tech. Tommy's job for the Ministry of Clandestine Affairs and Shadow Warriors is protect his country from outside enemies. He also has to deal with a traitor, a bank robbery, one tough knife fighter, chases and fire fights on the run.  around 56,000 words for $3.50  Even though for a reason I don't know it's still full price at Barnes and Noble-hopefully that will change.

 Above My Pay GradeX2  An exciting tale of NA, an young woman with emotional issues, who has a special ability to manipulate the very core vibrations that make up matter and energy. It's a Urban Fantasy story along the lines of the Dresden Files(Jim Butcher), The Walker Papers(C. E. Murphy), Alex Verus (Benedict Jacka) and The Retriever series(Laura Anne Gilman). NA has to content with Ghosts, a grizzly bear, an upset Griffin, an abuser, a potential rapist, while she tries to figure out why others like her are getting sick and what disaster she is suppose to stop while she deals with her emotional baggage.  96,000 words at $3.99

My author's page at Amazon minus the Tommy Tuckernocker book:

Tommy Tuckernocker at Amazon:

My author's page at Barnes and Noble:

and one more
At a web site known as smashowrds.com. They do all types of e-books in various formats so you can choose which one sorts you better. 

My author's page

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