Friday, May 8, 2015

New version of "Above My Pay GradeX2", better spelling-slight revision and update on next novel

First two updates. I am working on the book that follows "Above" It is titled "Learning CurveX2". I believe I am around 70% done even though I took about two months off from it while working on other writing stuff. It is back on track and I think I can get it published before January '15.

I have another book I want to Indie Publish but am having problems with the cover artist. I wanted it up the beginning of April but now I am not sure when.

Now to "Above My Pay GradeX2". As the title of this post says I worked on the spelling and found  misspellings that got by me the first time and fixed a few commas too. I also redid over fifteen sentences and a couple of smaller paragraphs so it should read easier too.

So in celebration of that I am showing it off again with hopes some readers will find it worth buying.

"Above" is a Urban Fantasy book, along the same lines as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Laura Anne Gilman's Cosa Nostradamus three series, especially The Retriever's one, and C. E. Murphy's Walker Paper's. Not that I expect my writing to be as good as theirs.

My Novel is about a young woman names NA who has a special ability, which she uses to help people who have problems with mythical creatures or who want to get out of an abusive relationship. Without warning though she finds herself with a case above her experiences. If she does not find someone who is making people like her sick, they will do a ritual that will end up with hundreds of people dead, that includes her best friends. Along the way she fights: a mother grizzly, ghosts, a griffin, her own emotional baggage and an attacker who knows how to block her ability.

The story has adventure, deadly encounters and situations, mythical creatures, and a mystery.

It can be found in paper and Nook versions at  Barnes and Noble

and the paper and Kindle versions at Amazon.

Both sites have a slight discount on the paper version.

And you can find the E-book with your choice of formats at smashwords

Also at iTunes store and

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