Sunday, March 1, 2015

Developing a Winning World View parts Five and Six-a audio series by my Pastor Bill Chaney

A while back I posted a link to a podcast on iTunes for worldview message by my pastor Bill Chaney. The correct title is “Developing a Winning Worldview”. I also posted a second message in that series directly on Google+. I decided to finish off the series back here on my blog.  Here is a link that Post 

For those on Google+ here is the link to my post there  

Here are links to Parts Five and six of "Developing a Winning Worldview"

If you are interested in the whole six part series these links take you to where you can download the one message but if you click on the Valley Christian Center above the line it will take you to the whole podcast page. On it you will be able to find all parts, one through six, and any previous messages you may want to listen to. Depending on how long into the future you read this you of course have to scroll down, but you should be able to find the “Developing A Winning Worldview” series. 

If you click on the light blue note that says,  “Sermon Outline Download (.pdf)”  you can download a PDF file of the sermon outline. The church hands these out each week, so anyone who wants to can fill in the blanks and add any additional notes they want to.

The sub title to number five is “What Will Make Our World Better” and has a lot of info on that subject. Bill deals with various approaches to World problems with a short description of how each method works.
The second section of Number five deals with “The Hope of The World is to Recognize The Significance of Jesus’ Sacrifice”. It contains a lot of good stuff that I would like more people to hear: “He Took My Punishment”, “He Bought My Freedom”, “He Restored My Relationship”, “He Gave Me a New Identity”, finally “He Defeated Death And the Devil”.

These two messages have important info on how Jesus works, how to live a good life. They are well done with humor and clear ideas. 

In closing I would like to say that Jesus is Lord and He Loves us each one of us individually as much as He can. He promised us not only a forgiveness of sin and a right-good-relationship with God the Creator, but He also promised us Peace that goes beyond understanding, a Joy so good that you can’t explain it  and Love so great that it is beyond even human love as good as that can be. 

If you want to talk to someone here is a link to the contact page of Valley’s web site. Right Here

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