Friday, June 13, 2014

A favor, possible Faux pas and a book for you to get

 I have a book to ask you to read-which contends an example-a favor to ask and perhaps a Faux pas to commit.

        First: I am going to be coming out with a E-book--”Two Struggles”--in two to four weeks--unless the cover takes longer to do. In preparation of that book I decided to list where you can get examples of my writing. The book I would like you to read is titled “Star Trek:Strange New Worlds Ten” It’s anthology of short stories and I have a story in it. I like to say it’s the fourth best out of 17 or 19 stories in the book. Don’t let the Star Trek in the title scare you away, a lot of these stories probably are not what you would expect from an anthology of Star Trek tales. That especially goes for the last story. It begins as you might expect but quickly takes a right turn. Its very well done and you may need tissue as you read it--which is all I will say about it. My story “A Taste Of Spam” is Star Trek, but I also believe it is good Science Fiction. 

The favor is for you to buy that book and read my story so you will know how I write for when my novel comes out. 

And  Here at Amazon

A second story--this one very short at 50 words is on this web site. It’s the last story on the list. 

Mini story

I am working hard to get my new novel “Two Struggles” or something that indicates two struggles, out in the time frame I mentioned. It is possible however that as I indicated, the cover could take longer than four weeks. I say that just to make sure, because something could always come up at the last moment. 

Now for the possible Faux pas. 
If this is totally a bad thing to ask please excuse me. 
My birthday is next week so as a gift could you pass this on, either here on G+ or on a blog or even a link to my blog on twitter if you do that. I would like to spread the word of my writing examples and that I will be having a novel out very soon. I will probably ask you to spread the word when the novel is actually up, but that is for then.    

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