Saturday, November 16, 2013

Casting Crowns Part Two

I should have thought of this when I did the original post on Casting Crowns but I guy I communicate with on Google + posted a link to a video of a band he loves and it hit me. I could do the same for Casting Crowns. I have a link to a web site that shows CCM videos so I figured it would be easy. They didn't have any CC videos WHAT?  However two steps later and I found this list.

So here are some of their song videos on YouTube on a page that looks to be sponsored by three groups. But there is an ad in the beginning of many of the videos or an ad on the bottom of the screen so you will have to watch them first.

Here is one of their latest:

Already There

One of the first ones that got me hooked on the group.

East To West

Praise You in This Storm

And the first song of theirs that caught my attention


And even though I had original thought four songs were enough I decided this next next one is powerful enough to be listed here.

Just Another Birthday

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