Saturday, May 12, 2012

Left out

I say one reason for this post is to vent... So I'm VENTING.

UGH!!!   Been feeling left out. There are people on the hatrack forums who are getting books done and out or E-published with great reviews.

But it's my fault-growl, I keep letting myself get distracted with short stories. I tried to dedicate April to one novel but didn't even get half way through it. Blast it.

To top it off I can't blame anyone but me. Maybe I will have to take a quarter off from WotF and a month for Just revising--no stories, no or barely any hatrack, no writing new stories and no revising of old ones. I can do that in Nov with the National Writing Month I should be able to do it with My own revising.

I have three novels partially revised. Need To Get Them Done.

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  1. Wow, does this sound familiar. My YA series is already a few months late for market. I could blame WotF, Hatrack, the Stanley Cup playoffs...but it's all on me. Juggling multiple projects, as I've been discovering, is indluded with the education of being a better writer.


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