Monday, December 14, 2020

Did a free online workshop and wrote a story for it


Newest book still for sell

A grand adventure as Lance tries to find out who is messing with his rep. See if he discovered who it is before the person can kill Lance.

At Barnes and Noble plus Amazon and Kobo and other E-book sites.  Under L. E. Doggett

Monday, July 13, 2020

Book sale to relax a bit

A sale on two of my paper books. I happen to have eight copies each these two books, and decided to place them on sale. Usually $11.99 each these are $8 each which includes shipping for these two new books, as long as the eight books each last. 

And I have eight used books on sell. From one dollar to four dollars plus shipping for the used books. The "Tigershark #1 Cold Blue Death" is the one dollar one. The "Guns Above" noble is five dollars plus shipping. Pictures below.

My "The Courier" is an exciting steampunk adventure and is pictured with "Adventures of Lance Starhammer" is an action packed Science Fiction. Both fun tales. Have some coffee, or a cold chocolate drink, and enjoy a good tale. 

I have PayPal and I will mail the purchased books within a day-not counting Sunday. Send me a note here if you would like to take advantage of this sale

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sale for two days longer June 28 and 29

As my last post stated everything novel is on sale 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Birthday Sale on all of my novels

Hello, Time for my yearly birthday sale. Monday June 22 is a special birthday for I have reached a milestone. 

Everyone of my E-books is a $1.11 off (No I am not a 111 years old. It isn't that milestone yet  ) 

And all of my paper novels are two dollars off-except for one which they only allowed me to reduce 1.44 . They will be on sale until June 27.

Whatever the price they are fun reads with adventure, mysteries, suspense and action. Western short stories, Urban Fantasy, steampunk, Science Fiction adventure. 

Here is my Amazon author's page…


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sell on Lance Starhammer May one and two E-book and paper book

Sell price  to Celebrate the new book.   For two days only 99 cents for the Eversion and 9.99 for the paper version.

Great science fiction adventure

At  Amazon

And other e-book sites 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Yo, a new book published: Adventures of Lance Starhammer. Science Fiction

It is starting to look like someone has cursed Lance to live in interesting times. As a Jack Of All Trades danger is not stranger to Lance, but events that could lead to his death have been increasing like never before  
            A giant swamp creature escaped its cage on the ship Lance was captaining. It killed two of Lance’s men while it stomped down the passageway Lance had gone to check out a problem. Next a Lance’s  starship loses coolant and he has to set down on a farm owned by cannibals. When he gets home he is told that a law enforcement agency has placed a bounty on him for a crime he didn’t commit. After that a crime boss chases him down for another theft Lance didn’t do. His ship’s computers are compromised, warbots attack him as well as other dangers.
        Lance Starhammer—not his birth name—is well known in some circles, even though many of his jobs he keeps secret. He has run cons, hauled passengers and freight, done special jobs, ran blockades, a bit of smuggling, computer crimes and other jobs that he feels need doing.
       Now someone wants him dead, though. After a search he finds himself in a battle with stealth ships crewed by a law enforcement agency who have been tricked to believe he is responsible for the deaths of their fellow agents. Even with his ship, tricks and quick thinking ability his chances for survival have slipped to near zero.  

You can find this book on Amazon: E-book 
And here for the paper version

Here for the E-book on Barnes and Noble

Other sites to follow but should be on kobo, iTunes and other e-book sites.

Paper upcoming to Barnes and Noble too 

Monday, April 20, 2020

A redone version of a great adventure tale The Courier. E-books on sale

The Courier-one of the better e- books by me, is on sale for the rest of April.
This one is now even better for I just revised it, cleaned up some punctuations that somehow didn't get changed and redid many sentences, added 1100+ words in making it even more readable. Grand adventure and action.
Kara Stronggear is the youngest member of an elite cadre of Couriers, but she doesn't just want in, she wants to be the best. And why not? She's trained for this her whole life. She knows how to fight and when to run. She knows how to repair a steam engine and fix a card game. She's ready for anything.
Or so she thinks.
When a milk run turns deadly, she finds herself racing to stay one step ahead of an unknown adversary who is willing to kill for something she does not know she carries. Through dog fights, hurricanes, and the torn up streets of a strange city, she's determined to complete her mission.
Along the way she has to grow up and realize that she needs a good rep isn’t everything, if she survives the next few days

E-book at Amazon kindle

Paper version on Amazon

Plus the e-book version is also on sell at Various sites listed here.

Paper version can also be found at Barnes and Noble online

Monday, February 10, 2020

My current Stories

  Amazingly enough all of a sudden I have three stories on deadlines. One for a well known contest, one for a special deal, and one for a smaller contest. The one for the first contest is done. I am hoping one of the others with that contest with critique it for me. Not so far though. But if no takers in the next couple of weeks I will just send it to an editor to check out punctuation, spelling and such. I will be done with it early for the deadline is at the end of March.

The special one is due to a kickstarter project I helped pay for a while back. They had a special writers reward. My choice of lectures on writing, quite  a few short stories by various pro writers, my choice of a number of books on writing and this special chance.

One of my biggest frustrations is getting rejections. In the last few years, I seem to not be able to get past a certain level of writing. I take online courses, read books, read hints by pro editors etc. I get no further. Some readers have nice things to say about my stories. I have had a couple of ongoing fans when I would place a couple of very short stories on Google+ but not editors. Except for one. I have taken courses by him and he did buy one story a few years back. You can still buy the anthology if you like good short stories. I say mine is the fourth best in the book out of, I think, 19.  Anyway, I have stated that no editor really likes my stories except for one and he isn't buying. Well he is, at least for a few who paid for that writer's reward. Well, for others too, pro writes and those who have taken a certain workshop, but I haven't been able to get to where he would maybe buy my stories. Now though he will look one of mine over at least.

I am, not nervous so much, but waiting for impending doom. To see if I have been correct that even he will like my writing enough to include in one of four anthologies. He gave us a choice of four categories or premises.  If I understand correctly he will read it and depending on if he thinks it will fit in one of three of those categories he will send it to another editor. It sounds like he will choose if it fits in the fourth category. No word if he might say why he rejected it, if he does. Also I have not seen how many writers donated for that Writer's reward. I am sure I am not the only one. But there might not be as many as usual for a market on that level. I don't know if the smaller number helps me in this case.

The last story is for a smaller contest as I said in the beginning. It is almost done. I need to finish it tomorrow for it is due the first part of March. Possibly the sixth. I will need to let it sit a week or so, revise it and send it to the same editor. That might give me one to two weeks to fix what she finds. I have sent stories to them before. Got one Honorable Mention which might still be up on their web site. This one, shakes head, I don't know. I like to think I am getting better at telling the best story I can but so far that is questionable.

Then back to two novels. One is at the editor's being checked over and I will be Indie publishing it whenever I get done with the corrections. I have a cover for it so I will just have to format it and publish it. It is a good Science Fiction adventure, action packed and suspenseful. We shall see how it does. I will spend a bit more money than usual advertising it. Which usually isn't much at all. The last two paid places I tried were failures. So we shall see as I said. I hope to have it online by the end of March.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

A bit of venting on next published event

This is not asking advice just venting a little.
Hmmm, I have one book at an editors-she is probably a bit over a quarter of the way through. So when she does finish it, maybe in three to five weeks I will still have to go back over it. Most probably will take me hours, if I don't have to rewrite anything major. I have done this before so I know that I mean hours and hours of work. I have a cover for it already. It has been sitting around for over a year while I looked for a cover artist and an editor that didn't charge tons of money. So now even though it is finally in the process I still have to wait. and wait some more.
Then I have a second novel that is in almost the same situation. Except no editor yet, and the cover is being worked on even though almost done. But it has sat the same length of time and it is longer so it will take longer and cost more to edit and then to go over. Add hours to the hours and hours. Oh yes, I still need to decide on how I want to the chapters. Just leave the 40 some shorter ones or combine them. I wrote the book as a serial on another site which is why the chapters are like they are. It does need a little revising since I changed my mind some something and even though I think I went over the whole thing a couple times I need double check that. So it might have to wait half a year more before I can publish it. It might be my best novel yet. Or so I had thought when I revised it. And I have to wait and wait and wait some more.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

About my writing currently

Interesting what one can find when looking for something else in my WIP folder. Stories and more that I had forgotten about. A while back I set out to Indie publish some story sets. I was reminded of one set I decided to publish and found today.

This one is 12 stories each inspired by the same picture. A while back one guy would post a picture of the day. A speculative drawing-painting-composite-that he found. A couple of his followers had started writing mini stories to go with the pic. I decide to join them, but in a few weeks my stories got longer. Still very short but longer than mini. Anyway one day he posted this pic of a dark old looking castle set on a short hill in what could be a desert. A large full moon shone behind and right above it. I posted a comment that said that could be inspirational for a number of genre. Something clicked and I decided to do those genre. I did 10. First SF, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Weird Western, Altiernite universe, Historical Fiction, Romance, steampunk, thriller, what might be Christian Fantasy. I stopped thinking that was enough but a couple of months later I decided the SF tale wasn't really the one I wanted so I did it over while keeping the original and finally an action tale kinda of based on the old radio Serial tales. Oh just remembered another one I had placed in another folder. A YA-or younger- general fiction story. So 13 all together.

From 670 words to 6540 words. Some around 1200, some around 4400. A total of somewhere around 40,000 to 42500 words.

I thought that might make an interesting story set for those who like short stories. Some have been revised once or twice others not at all. I will go over all of them though. Starting today.

And while looking for that one YA tale I found another story set idea. I call it Foibles and it will have five stories.

While I am working on two other stories, and will be revising two more for contests soon.